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St Alban’s House, The Grove, Deal

We are pleased to present the development proposals for the site of St Alban’s House, The Grove Deal. These proposals will be available for public consultation on 9th June 2022 between 16.30-18.30 at St Alban’s House.

If you were not able to attend the consultation and would like to give feedback, there is a contact form at the bottom of the page.

Supporting reports have not been uploaded to this page but will be submitted with the planning application, which will have a period of public consultation.

Feedback from Consultation 1 What we have done
Too many dwellingsThe total number of dwellings has been reduced from 16 to 14
Not enough parkingThe number of parking spaces has stayed the same at 16 spaces, with more on street parking retained for local residents
Not in keeping with the areaKey styles form surrounding buildings have been incorporated and the materials updated to match.
Would prefer to see pitched roofsAll roofs are now pitched, except for rear facing dormers.
Concerns for privacy of neighbours and loss of lightParticular attention has been paid to windows facing neighbours. The site layout has been changed to reduce overlooking and windows on the side elevations are reduced in size. A sunlight and daylight report is also being prepared. 
Should form part of the community and not be inward facingThe typology has been changed from the inward facing deck access to dwellings all accessed from the principal elevations on The Grove and Church Path. 
Retain the trees along the back of the siteThe trees along the rear boundary will be retained and trimmed to safe heights, except for 1 at the corner with Church Path which will be removed. 

This feedback form will be available until 17.30 on Monday 13th June.

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